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Our 4-day live virtual coaching intensive will help ensure that you... Unleash Your Inner Badass, Discover your Internal Motivations, Clarify your Life's Vision, and Create your Plan to Achieve Your Most Important Goals!

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Inner Badass?

Everything you have in your life (or don't have) is the sum total of your beliefs, motivation, and the action you have taken throughout your life.  If you are wanting something more in your life we can help you get there!  Every dream starts with making a decision.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never guaranteed - the time to act is now!

This Challenge is About Getting Results

Unlike useless theory you get with some trainings, the Unstoppable Badass challenges is a hands on roll up your sleeves program in which you will be assigned action steps to complete between each session.  Working together as a group, you will work through exercises that take you through the process of transformation and self discovery.

Here is how we will spend our time together.


During the first day of the challenge we focus on how to Unleash your Inner Badass that is ready and just begging to come out.  Identify what is holding you back, and learn strategies for taking control and creating a life you want to live on your terms.  This is especially helpful If you are unhappy with any of the results you are currently experiencing in your life or business, feeling stuck or unmotivated, or simply want to achieve faster results in less time.


Day two of the challenge is about self-discovery.   We are born with a unique combination of natural abilities, talents, and passions which we can use to provide value to the world.  We call this  your "superpower."  When you use your superpower to express your authentic self your life takes on a whole new meaning.  Since we spend a large portion of our life working, lets make sure it is doing something meaningful that we are passionate about.


Day three of the challenge is about uncovering the dreams you have for every area of your life and business.  The dreams your heart truly desires - not what you think other people expect.  You will be introduced to the Dream Achievement Process which shows you how to Activate, Accelerate,  and most importantly of all, Defend your dreams until they become your new reality.


Day four of the challenge is about creating a successful plan of action to guide your daily activities.  Learn strategies to keep you laser focused while avoiding costly distractions.  Discover techniques for establishing support systems and accountability to help you stay on track, no matter what unexpected challenges or obstacles may come your way. 

Here's What is Included With The 4 Day Challenge

  • Four 90-Minute Live Virtual Coaching Sessions With Coach DMac
  • Unstoppable Badass Challenge Workbook
  • Access To All Recodings

Let's Do This Together!

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Meet Your Instructor

Daryl “Coach DMac” Murrow is an author, motivational speaker, and coach who helps entrepreneurs and leaders go after their big dreams and live happier, healthier, and abundant lives.  He and his team provide training programs, coaching, and life changing events for entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to maximize their impact, increase their income, and experience a greater level of satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment.

By combining  inspiration, encouragement, and personal insight with proven step-by-step roadmaps for desired outcomes, Coach DMac has provided training and coaching for thousands of aspirational business owners who want to expand their vision of success and help make the world a better place to be.  

Coach DMac is the author of Gaining the Systems Advantage: Strategies to eliminate stress, work fewer hours, and be more profitable in your business, helps overworked and stressed out business owners free up their valuable time and reclaim their life back by building a business that can run effectively without the owner having to be there.  


The Challenge is a Live Virtual Training Series hosted by Coach DMac. The challenge consists of 4 Live Zoom 90 minute sessions in which you will learn our step-by-step process for creating transformational shifts in your life and business by discovering what is truly important to you, daring to dream big, and creating your ideal life plan, to get on the fast-track to increasing income, time, and happiness.

This challenge is for entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone with a desire to achieve more and live their most exciting rewarding life.  If you are unhappy with any results you are currently experiencing in your life or business, feeling stuck and need direction, or simply want to achieve more at a faster pace this training is for you.  By working in a group setting you can learn from others and get questions answered immediately. 

Learn the exact system I use to get crystal clear on your vision, understand your internal motivations, create action plans for achieving your goals.  You will also learn how to keep your focus, avoid distractions, and dramatically increase your personal level of effectiveness.  

In addition to the four 90 minute live virtual coaching sessions, you will also receive the Unstoppable Badass Challenge Workbook that guide you step by step through the Challenge and help you complete the Homework Action Steps, and you will have access to all of the class recordings,

Yes!  We believe everyone is an Unstoppable Badass with value to provide to the world, although many do not realize it.  We also believe life is an amazing journey that should be enjoyed and lived with purpose and passion!  We hope this challenge opens the doors to the unlimited possibilities available to us all.